Merry Christmas To All, Love from me, Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas . In this beautiful wide world we need more love expressed. This is my Christmas prayer. I love Christmas. Happy Holidays to all . Today the smell of peanut butter cookies fills the house. The dog is sniffing my cupboard for his presents. I spend time in my favorite places with my family . The pink tree twinkles. A Christmas Story will be on tonight for the family to watch . Tradition, nothing like it feels better during the holidays. Then I do my best to watch Midnight Mass , but I drift off to sleep.Just like my Mother did. My MS doesn’t stop me from the joy of the holiday and the sharing of my thoughts. It may keep me at my own home, but where else would you rather be.

Mike Rowe Next to my tree.

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My Own World Is My Dashboard Where I Have Fun With A Border Collie

I Live In A Rather Beautiful Small Space With A Dog Who Loves Frisbees . I write , rest, and play with the dog who is great therapy . We have learned to play Frisbee Anywhere . He’s my therapy dog,not officially but in every other way. I continue to have Thank You’s for my video of Animal Rhymes Are Learning Times. Any child that hears it loves it. Moreover the parents love it. I am very honored to be in people’s houses entertaining and reading to the children.

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Animal Rhymes Are Learning Times Video Brings Miles Of Smles

I am moved and honored by the response to those who have listened to my video posted here and everywhere I am . Deciding to give it away brought me a lot of peace . I am a little stunned when people say they love it and where can they get it . It’s only in Ebook form but at that sight you are linked to not only the book but the tee shirts I made to go with them. Thank You everybody who likes what has been a 2 year labor of love which honors my parents love for reading and giving.

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Aunt Bev reads her video

Aunt Bev is me and I have been working on an EBook for 2 years. First I needed to learn to type , then to write and draw a bit. I also put my creation on T shirts and and an E book .

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Animal Rhymes Are Learning Times Brings Joy

I have gotten so many emails that people have enjoyed my video with children sitting on their laps, watching, and listening to it . After all I did write do it to share it with the world. Happy Holidays

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Aunt Bev Reads ” Animal Rhymes Are Learning Times”

I decided that the point of writing the book was to share it with the world. So it feels right to share it in this form .

Season’s Greetings

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I want to publish a book for children.

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